Gasoline as well as diesel rate on June 11 have actually been treked for the 23 rd time considering that May 4. In the most recent walking executed by the oil business, fuel has actually ended up being more expensive by 31 paise per litre, while diesel rate has actually boosted by 28 paise for a litre.

Gasoline rate in Mumbai today has actually passed by 102 per litre. After the most recent walking, a litre of fuel will certainly set you back 10204 Diesel rate in Mumbai has actually been changed to 9415 per litre.

Gasoline rate in Hyderabad today has actually inched closer to the three-figure mark. A litre of fuel in the resources city of Telangana will certainly currently set you back 9962 Diesel is not also much behind with the price of a litre increasing to 9457

Gasoline rate in Bengaluru is additionally simply timid of the three-figure mark. At 9905 per litre, Bengaluru is just one of one of the most pricey cities in India to however fuel. Cost of diesel, on the other hand, has actually boosted to 9197 per litre.

Gasoline rate in Delhi continues to be fairly budget friendly at 9585 per litre, while diesel still setting you back under Rs-90 mark. A litre of diesel in Delhi will certainly currently set you back 86.75

Sri Ganganagar in Rajasthan, which lies near the worldwide boundary with Pakistan as well as is the costliest location in India to however gas, is simply except coming to be the starting point in the nation where both gas price greater than 100 per litre. Petrol rate had actually passed by the three-figure mark a long period of time ago as well as presently stands at 10694 per litre. Diesel rate in Sri Ganganagar is simply 20 paise far from breaching Rs-100- per-litre mark.

Because the beginning of the year, India has actually viewed as several as 49 gas rate walks in the initial 6 months. Till March 24, when the oil business quit modifying the rate upwards simply in advance of setting up political elections in 5 states, fuel as well as diesel rates rose by 7.46 per litre as well as 7.60 a litre in 26 walks. The oil business returned to rate walks on May 4, after the state survey outcomes were revealed. Ever since, in as several as 23 walks, the fuel as well as diesel rates have actually risen by greater than 6 per litre. Numerous states, consisting of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana as well as Ladakh, have actually seen fuel rate surpass 100 per litr

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