Glaucoma, which impacts the optic nerve of the eye, is a possibly blinding condition. However, there are numerous misunderstandings bordering it. On Globe Glaucoma Day, observed every year on March 12, allow us debunk several of them, politeness Dr Smriti Jain, opthalmologist, Practo.

Misconception # 1: Glaucoma impacts just senior individuals
Reality: While the occurrence of glaucoma is greater amongst the senior, glaucoma can impact any person at any type of age, also infants. It is necessary to obtain normal eye exams also when you are young and also have no evident eye issues to make sure glaucoma is discovered early. Vision loss as a result of glaucoma can not be turned around, so very early discovery is critical.

Misconception # 2: If I have excellent vision, I do not have glaucoma
Reality: This is a substantial mistaken belief. Many kinds of glaucoma will certainly not have any type of signs and symptoms and also the vision might additionally be 6/6 till late phases which is why glaucoma is called the “quiet burglar of view”. Commonly individuals are amazed when the medical diagnosis of glaucoma is made. The later the condition is identified and also dealt with, the even worse the long-lasting result.

Normal eye examinations are needed. (Image: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Misconception # 3: Nobody in my household has glaucoma, so I will not obtain the condition.
Reality: While a household background of glaucoma is a danger variable for creating this eye condition, there are numerous glaucoma clients that do not have any person in their household that has glaucoma. Often household background might not exist since all member of the family were never ever effectively checked out for glaucoma which is why it is necessary that all clients that are identified with glaucoma obtain their member of the family checked out for it.

Misconception # 4: Glaucoma exists just if I have high IntraOcular Stress (IOP).
Reality: While the majority of people with glaucoma will certainly have high IntraOcular Stress (IOP) or liquid stress in the eyes, and also it is certainly a danger variable, numerous clients might never ever have actually an enhanced IOP and also yet have a serious sort of glaucoma called ‘Typical Stress Glaucoma’. On the various other hand, some individuals with high IOP might not have Glaucoma– this is called Eye High blood pressure.

Misconception # 5: There is no treatment for glaucoma so no factor in taking therapy
Reality: Vision currently shed as a result of glaucoma can not be recuperated however therapy can quit glaucoma development and also avoid additional loss of vision. Glaucoma is a dynamic condition where continuous surveillance and also treatment is called for or else it can bring about loss of sight. It is very vital to obtain correct therapy from a glaucoma expert and also not simply a basic ophthalmologist.

Misconception # 6: If my glaucoma is not regulated by medications and also eye declines, I have nothing else choices
Reality: Surgical and also laser therapies exist for dealing with glaucoma when the condition is not regulated by drug and also must not be postponed. In specific kinds of glaucoma e.g. ‘Angle Closure Glaucoma’ which is extensively common in India, laser therapy is very advised and also otherwise done might bring about progression of the condition to a factor of full loss of vision. Clients with glaucoma need to get in touch with a certified and also experienced glaucoma specialist and also obtain a complete understanding of all the choices offered to them consisting of medical and also laser therapies which basic optometrist might not understand.

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