September 23, 2023

Australia’s native forests are facing a critical challenge: the constant threat of deforestation. These rich and diverse ecosystems have been put under increased stress due to logging, climate change, disease, and some of the harshest bushfires in modern history. 

All of this has created a unique climate crisis that demands urgent action. In the face of this challenge, we need to ask ourselves: How can we contribute to the restoration of our natural world? And as individuals, we need to play our part in the battle against climate change. So let’s explore how we can work together towards a sustainable and green future.

1. Be a voice for change

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Your voice matters. Amplifying the call to action on deforestation with your local council and government is a powerful way to enact change. Write to your local government representatives. Vote for political parties that prioritise sustainability. These decision-makers have the authority to enact legal changes, adjust policies, and ultimately put an end to the destructive logging of our State Forests.

WWF Australia has an online petition dedicated to saving our forests. By signing the petition, you’re elevating your voice to become part of a collective call for action. Always remember, that even small steps contribute to creating significant change.

2. Shop sustainably 

Recycling bottles

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Every choice you make as a consumer is a vote for the world you want to see. Opting for brands that are committed to sustainability sends a clear message to companies, and can help shape industries overall. 

Look for brands that prioritise using recycled materials and have green practices. By supporting such brands, you’ll influence market trends and encourage other companies to follow suit. By simply making better shopping choices, we can gradually shift the landscape towards a more eco-friendly future. 

3. Plant for the planet

Planting in pots

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Imagine transforming your own space into a thriving ecosystem that supports local wildlife. Planting native trees and shrubs not only beautifies your surroundings but also provides essential habitats for native animals. Even if you only have a small balcony, your efforts can make a substantial impact. Every garden, regardless of its size, can be a haven for biodiversity — supporting bees, filtering the air, and even helping to reduce stress

4. Educate yourself

Man in nature

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Understanding the urgency of the climate crisis and its far-reaching consequences is key to sparking action. Dive into the wealth of information available from sources like Greenpeace Australia, WWF Australia, and Greentumble. The more informed you are, the better equipped you’ll be for conversations about the importance of forest regeneration. Sharing this knowledge with friends and family can spark awareness, creating a movement that can create real change. 

5. Embrace digital solutions

In today’s digital age, embracing digital solutions is not only convenient but also environmentally conscious. Minimising paper usage and opting for recycled paper products reduces the demand for virgin pulp sourced from forests. You can present people with electronic gift cards, delivered directly to their inbox, instead of buying them a physical gift. 

Even better, you can share the gift of environmental awareness. An array of nature-based experiences are available that support tourism and enhance the recipient’s understanding of their local surroundings. You can also consider gifting a tree, a gesture that gives back to the forests that play a vital role in sustaining our very existence.

6. Empower First Nation communities 

Beautiful tree against sky

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The connection between Indigenous communities and their ancestral lands plays a pivotal role in ensuring lasting sustainability. Drawing from their millennia-long bond with the land, Indigenous communities possess priceless wisdom to aid in rejuvenating the forests. This includes practices such as cultural back-burning and strategic planting of species to bolster the forest’s vitality, all rooted in harmonious and sustainable ways of life. 

By advocating for Indigenous land rights, we contribute to empowering these communities to nurture and protect our vital forests. Indigenous knowledge should be harnessed to shape policies and guide our collective perspective on land stewardship for the future.

7. Share, engage, inspire 

Climate Protest

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Small changes can lead to significant impacts. By incorporating some of these adjustments into your daily life, you can help collectively spark a larger movement. Every action, no matter how simple, has a unique role to play. From using less electricity and water to choosing environmentally friendly products, each step contributes in its own way.

However, the most powerful way to embrace sustainability is by sharing and educating others. Discussing the issues and how you’re making small shifts in your approach can empower others and drive change on a substantial scale. Your choices carry weight, both in how you spend your money and in the political parties you support. 

Showcasing your eco-friendly attitudes and behaviours to a wider audience, whether on social media or in real-life conversations, can transform small actions into something truly impactful. You have the potential to inspire others and create a ripple effect of positive change.

HP and sustainability 

HP is committed to becoming a more just and sustainable technology company. As part of this commitment, HP aims to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations by 2025, aligning with its vision of a greener future. One noteworthy achievement is HP’s goal of zero deforestation for the sourcing of its paper and packaging

In 2020, HP made significant progress, achieving zero deforestation for 99% of its HP brand paper and paper-based product packaging. The remaining 1% underwent assessment to ensure it adhered to HP’s Sustainable Paper and Wood Policy. HP has successfully maintained its deforestation-free status for its brand paper since 2016, a testament to ongoing efforts to improve procurement processes and collaborate with suppliers.

Beyond their own responsible sourcing, HP has ambitious plans they hope to achieve by 2030. HP has committed $90 million to forest restoration, protection, and other initiatives to combat deforestation. This is not only for their own products but also for non-HP paper used in their products and print services. HP is taking a pioneering step by addressing deforestation beyond their own supply chain, underlining their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Learn more about HP and their sustainability efforts here.

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