The Uttar Pradesh Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) has arrested another resident of Maharashtra for allegedly being part of an illegal conversion racket.

The arrested youth, Kunal Chaudhary alias Atif, is a resident of Nashik. He was arrested on Sunday from Lucknow along with two other men.

The UP ATS has claimed that Chaudhary’s name surfaced during the questioning of 64-year-old cleric Kaleem Siddiqui who was arrested last week.

Chaudhary is said to have converted to Islam in 2006 while he was studying for a degree in medicine in Russia. He had subsequently returned to India and was staying in Nashik with his parents. Chaudhary is yet to clear the Medical Council of India examination, which all medical studies who have studied from Commonwealth of Independent States countries have to pass before they are allowed to practice in India.

The Maharashtra Police said that in spite of not having cleared the exam, Chaudhary had opened a dispensary in Nashik.

While the arrest was made in Lucknow, a team of UP ATS visited Chaudhary’s home in Nashik on Sunday. Subsequently, the Maharashtra Police called his parents and the individual from whose premise Chaudhary was running his dispensary for questioning on Monday.

Chaudhary father is a former Indian Army employee while his brother is an engineer, said police.

His parents told the local authorities that Chaudhary had left the house on September 18 claiming that he was going to Delhi for work.

“Since then he has not contacted any one from his family,” said an officer from Maharashtra ATS. It is believed that from Delhi he went to Lucknow from where he was apprehended.

The UP ATS has arrested three more residents of Maharashtra in the case. Irfan Khwaja Khan, a resident of Beed, was arrested in June while Prasad Rameshwar Kavale alias Adam was arrested from Nagpur. Bhupriya Bando Devidas Mankar was arrested from Gadchiroli in July.

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