The three-day Weaveknitt 2021 exhibition organised by the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SGCCI) culminated on September 13, giving a boost to the textile industry as buyers from India and abroad had placed orders worth over Rs 100 crore.

Around 23,000 people from different parts of the country attended the event, where 125 exhibitors from Surat exhibited different types of textile fabrics.

Along with individual firms, buyers from 20 big textile mandis including Jaipur, Banaras, Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai, and several international buyers from the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Dubai and China, also visited the exhibition seeking opportunities.

SGCCI president Ashish Gujarati said, “Weaveknitt 2021 was our first initiative to give a platform to the weavers to display their products. Generally, a broker or a middle man does business between manufacturers and buyers. But this event directly benefited both parties. The products exhibited include Dola silk, Russian Silk, Tissue Silk, Pure Viscos Agronise silk, Muslin silk, Heavy cotton silk, Natural crepe, Chinon Chiffon”

He said, “The event turned out successful as the exhibitors had got orders of lakhs of meters of textile fabrics and six lakh meters of sarees made from Rapier Jacquard machines. Over 23,000 buyers visited the stalls in three days. We have taken figures from exhibitors and found that new business of over Rs 100 crore had been generated through this event. The textile manufacturers were enthusiastic and booked 60 stalls for our next year’s event of Weaveknitt 2022.”

Shakir Jariwala, marketing manager of General Poly tex, a textile fabric manufacturing unit in Surat, said, “We manufacture over 1000 different types of products in textiles. This exhibition was tremendous and we got a good response from buyers. This morning, we have got over 20 buyers at our office who have placed purchase orders of lakhs of meters of textile fabrics from different brands. All these buyers from Bangalore, Mumbai etc were new to us. In the last three days, we have got 671 footfalls… We are expecting purchase orders of 30 lakh meters of textile fabrics of different qualities. ”

Apple sarees owner Dipak Sheta said, “ Our firm deals with sarees and dress materials, and for that, we require grey fabrics. We have seen different types and qualities of new fabrics in this exhibition and we have placed purchased orders of 30 lakh metres of sarees…”

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