Premier Gladys Berejiklian says areas such as Byron Bay which have low vaccination rates may not be free when the rest of the state opens up.

“As we get closer to that time, Dr Chant and the health department will give government advice on how we deal with those communities but also more broadly how we deal with communities that might have high rates of the disease still in them at the time,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“As I foreshadowed the day we announced and released the road map, it could be a situation where, if case numbers are too high when we open up the state, that if you live in a community or in a category of person who has high rates of virus, we might have to say to you for the next little while, do all those things that you’re allowed to do but within your local area.

“We have all those options and closer to that time, Health will provide us with advice, but there’s no doubt that the two issues we look at are the vaccination rates and also the prevalence of disease.”

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