Labor MP Alicia Payne says her party is “looking forward” to the partnership with the US, UK, and Australia but have put forward three conditions, to which the Prime Minister has assured them can be met and will be held to account for.

The new AUKUS partnership announced on Thursday will see Australia harness nuclear-powered submarines.

“Labor is looking forward to this deepening of partnerships with our closely aligned ally and this is something we’ve been calling for,” Ms Payne told Sky News Australia.

“We did put three really important conditions around our support of this, which are important parts of Labors national platform.

“Which is the nuclear submarines won’t require the development of a domestic civil nuclear industry, that there will be no acquisition of nuclear weapons, and that it’s all done within the requirements of the Non-Proliferation treaty.

“And the government have assured us these conditions can be met and we’ll be holding them to account on that.”

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