CNN‘s Anderson Cooper on Wednesday evening played brand-new sound of Donald Trump in which the previous head of state rattled on concerning the Jan. 6 insurrection as well as duplicated incorrect insurance claims concerning the 2020 political election.

In the sound, which was extracted from a meeting with The Washington Article’s Carol Leonnig as well as Philip Rucker for their publication “I Alone Can Repair It,” Trump firmly insisted the crowd that struck the UNITED STATE Capitol was ” a caring group.”

” They were introduced by the authorities. I imply, in all justness, the Capitol Cops were bring in individuals in,” Trump stated. “The Capitol Cops were extremely pleasant, you understand they were embracing as well as kissing. You do not see that, however there’s a lot of tape on that particular also.”

The video revealed Capitol Cops being bewildered as well as struck by a terrible crowd, which after that burglarized the structure as well as raided Congress. At the very least 138 police officers experienced injuries, consisting of burns, blasts as well as cracks.

Trump after that made even more wild as well as unmasked insurance claims, consisting of the incorrect concept that it was statistically difficult for him to have actually shed to Joe Biden, as well as struck the courts that ruled versus him.

” This resembles paying attention to Nixon intoxicated rambling, other than he’s not intoxicated,” Cooper stated. “He’s simply rambling which he still is keeping all these lies.”

Cooper called it sickening that Trump would certainly think these are “caring” individuals that struck the UNITED STATE Capitol.

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