Neena Gupta’s professional stint continues to be a remarkable one. However, seldom does the actress talk about her married life. Like we all know, lockdown has brought many good and bad changes to eachone’s life, Neena too is no different. Gupta, who raised her daughter Masaba as a single mother, found love, at the age of 50, and married Vivek Mehra, a New Delhi-based chartered accountant in 2008. However, it was only due to the lockdown last year that Neena and Vivek lived together as husband and wife for the first time.

Speaking to a web portal, Neena shared how she realised that she too had a life and spent a lot of time with husband Vivek for the first time. Neena and Vivek stayed away from each other due to their professional commitments and never got to spend some quality time together. But this lockdown brought them together and they stayed together, and got to know more about each other during the time.

Neena shared that as they stayed away from each other most of the time due to their work, but they actually lived as husband and wife during the lockdown last year. She also said how for the first time, she came to know him and he came to know about her. She further added that she used to talk to her husband in sign language as he was very busy and never had much time. She also expressed how earlier, she used to complain to him that he does not have time for her. However, the actress has learned to keep herself busy. She makes calls to her girlfriends, colleagues and find more ways to keep herself busy.

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