The latest celebrity to appear on Discovery Plus’ food show Star vs Food Season 2 is Anil Kapoor. The enthusiastic Bollywood superstar seemed excited to learn new tricks in the kitchen, but funnily enough, the one thing he could not do was light up the stove.

The actor collaborated with Mumbai restaurant Silly’s executive chef Ganesh to deliver lamb curry-rice, gnocchi pasta and some burgers to his special guests — Farah Khan, Arbaaz Khan and Maheep Kapoor. During his preparation for the delicious spread, Anil also revealed what he has for breakfast (eggs and toast) and said he has never been fond of dieting.

Later in the episode, his sister-in-law Maheep Kapoor said that Anil’s wife Sunita keeps him on a tight leash as far as food is concerned. “Sunita never used to let him eat. From the last 26 years, Anil has been eating from everyone else’s plates,” Maheep said with a laugh.

As the friends got chatting and eating, Anil also opened up about the word ‘jhakaas,’ which has now become synonymous with him. Recounting the tale in Hindi, Kapoor said, “I had done this film with director Rajiv Rai, called Yudh, which also starred Jackie Shroff. In that movie, my character used to say this word a lot, and that became popular with the audience. However, the term disappeared in the middle somewhere when I started doing other projects, and suddenly one day, it came out of nowhere and reattached itself to me.”

“These days, I tell makers that if you want me to say jhakaas in your films, I will charge double for that,” the actor added in a lighter vein.

Close friends Farah Khan and Anil Kapoor also discussed Bollywood superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan’s food habits. Farah and Anil agreed that SRK doesn’t eat anything besides that one serving of tandoori chicken while Salman is the opposite. The Bhai of Bollywood loves to eat everything from biriyani to chhole bhature.

Anil Kapoor ended the show on an emotional note saying that the whole experience reminds him of his mother, who waits for people to compliment her after serving the delicacies.

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