Marvel’s What If…? teases a multiversal Avengers team including Captain Carter, Star-Lord T’Challa and more with a mid-season trailer and synopsis.

What If…?‘s mid-season trailer and synopsis seemingly confirmed the series finale will feature alternate versions of the Avengers assembling from across the multiverse.

Disney+ released a new trailer teasing what’s to come in the next four episodes of Marvel’s What If…?. The trailer teased the return of characters and storylines from the season’s previous episodes, including a reappearance from Evil Doctor Strange and another mention of the Marvel Zombies. One key shot also teased a final showdown that will include a plethora of alternate timeline Avengers, and a newly-released synopsis seemed to confirm it.

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The shot from the trailer is first preceded by an animated version of the original Avengers’ circle from 2012’s The Avengers. Its members are then swapped out for the heroes from What If…?‘s alternate timelines, standing in the same formation but fighting a new enemy in a different setting. The lineup appears to include Captain Carter, Star-Lord T’Challa and alternate versions of Black Widow, Gamora and Thor that the series has yet to reveal.

Alongside the new trailer, Marvel released a synopsis for the second half of the series’ first season, hinting at the stories to come. Though it was vague, the synopsis seemingly confirmed the Avengers of the multiverse will spend the end of the series navigating a plethora of alternate realities that are inevitably primed to collide.

“A mid-season sneak peek of Marvel Studios’ What If… ? is available now, showcasing the surprises in store for the final four episodes of Marvel Studios’ first-ever animated series, exclusively on Disney+,” the synopsis reads. “Witness the biggest heroes of the multiverse as they navigate alternate realities on a collision course toward an unforgettable finale.”

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While fans have previously speculated that What If…? could eventually culminate in a multiversal Avengers team, the circumstances of their assembly have remained shrouded in mystery. Neither the trailer nor synopsis gave any hint as to how the team members could jump between timelines. The finale’s antagonist is also still under wraps, but the villainous Doctor Strange from Episode 4, “What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?” is a strong possibility. During the villain’s brief reappearance in the trailer, he apparently plots something with Thor that could potentially link to the Marvel Zombies. Even alone, however, the malicious Master of the Mystic Arts already proved himself a formidable foe, even against a team of the multiverse’s greatest heroes.

In addition to continuing the early What If…? storylines, the new trailer provided a few additional teases of content fans have yet to see. Erik Killmonger made a fleeting appearance, as did the next alternate version of Black Widow destroying a handful of Ultron bots. Korg and the Grandmaster seemed to be throwing a party, Tony’s big Avengers: Endgame snap got animated and the end of the trailer threw in a female archer who very well could be Hawkeye‘s Kate Bishop.

New episodes of What If…? premiere Wednesdays on Disney+.

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