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Once in a town, two ladies were arguing about a young kid. The matter was taken to shrewd town boss.

The first lady said, “He is my son. Kindly advise her to leave him alone.”

Another lady yelled, “No, he is mine.”

The astute man said to the first lady, “What do you need to say?”

She answered, “He is my son. I was bathing in river and had left my child on river bank. This lady lifted my son and escaped. I speedily dressed and pursued her.”

The Town boss requested that the other lady clarify her side.

She said, “She is a liar. I was the one bathing in river and he is my only son. She came there and got my son and ran. Fortunately I had the opportunity to get her.”

Locals who were watching this and didn’t realize whom to accept.

The educated man got up and utilizing a twig, defined a boundary on the ground then he asked the two of them to remain on one or the other side of the line each and put the kid in the center.

At that point, he requested that one lady hold the kid’s left hand and requested that the other lady hold his right hand.

Then he said, “Now, listen cautiously. Both of you need to pull the child to your side. Kid has a place with whoever pulls kid over to her side.”

Both ladies were clasping the hands of the child, first lady began to pull the kid hard to get him to her side. As the child cried in torment, the other lady, let go of that kid’s hand saying, “I can’t do this. Allow her to have kid.”

The first lady took the kid and yelled in win, “He is mine.” as the other lady left in tears.

“Pause.”, said the town boss.

Turning to locals he asked, “Who do you think loves kid more? One who pulled the kid to her side or one who let the kid go?”

Residents couldn’t reply. At that point town, the boss removed the kid from the first lady and offered the child to another saying, “Just a mother can have delicate heart for her kid. She was unable to bear pain of child was feeling and that is the reason she let his hand go.”

The real mother hugs her kid and said thanks to the town boss. The child lifter was given punishment for her wrongdoing.

By Hailey

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