The Pharma industry, one of the most technologically sound industries, relies on the massive field force of medical representatives to inform and update doctors. This traditional marketing method, while the standing test of decades, was put to one of the toughest tests during the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns that limited the movement of humans across the world. While pharmaceutical companies were exempted and allowed to manufacture due to the essentiality of their products, their sales and marketing departments came to a straight halt, with medical representatives unable to reach out to Doctor’s Office.

In this limiting scenario, Medical Dialogues, a dedicated news portal for doctors and health professionals, provided a cheaper and viable alternative for Pharma companies to connect to doctors. Medical Dialogues became the digital connect of the sales force of medical representatives and doctors.

“Through this digital medium, Pharma companies can reach thousands of doctors in one go and inform them about their product launch, the clinical indications, guidelines as well as the importance of their molecule.” – said Meghna A. Singhania, founder of Medical Dialogues.

“Our working in the pandemic has shown that digital media provides a viable alternative for reaching out and updating medical practitioners. Moreover, through the digital medium, we can reach a larger audience in one go, something very limited in cases of MR based marketing. Plus, it costs much less, too!” she added.

Medical Dialogues is a dedicated digital news portal covering medical and health news and content Curated specifically for doctors and health professionals. The portal covers various aspects of Medical information relevant to medical professionals, including Health news, Medico-legal updates, Medical news coming out of journals and Conferences, important practice guidelines as well as KOL authorized perspectives that are directed towards doctors, health professionals, nurses, hospitals, industry professional’s pearls of practice.

Started in 2015, in a small span, Medical Dialogues have become a one-stop point for the medium to reach out to the Healthcare Industry in India. The portal also has a loyal readership, and its free registration is garnered by more than 7 lakh registered users from the Health, Pharma industry, and medical device professionals.

Greater read time and larger convenience to doctors.

Pamphlets and content aid given at a doctor’s office by the medical representatives go a miss, but Medical Dialogues articles are readily available on one click search on the net. This allows doctors to search for the relevant content at their convenience and spend more time understanding the medical information related to the molecule.

“When a Medical representative goes to a doctor, due to a doctor’s busy schedule, he gets less than a minute to give information about the product whereas comparatively, articles written on Medical Dialogues have an average read time of more than 3 minutes allowing doctors to understand intricacies of the molecule at their convenience.”- Ms. Singhania explained.

Currently, six of the top 10 Pharma companies are working with Medical Dialogues with more than 20+ Pharma and medical device companies as advertisers.

With a strong development by word of mouth over the past five years Medical Dialogues, ishas become the preferred digital medium with this industry to create awareness about the various medical launches. The portal is now moving to launch a YouTube channel to tells stories via video medium.


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