The worldwide oceans are gearing as much as spray all that 1980s hair spray again in our faces. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), the aerosol chemical compounds that tore a gap in Earth’s protecting ozone layer inside years of their mass manufacturing, are set to make a comeback within the late 21st century, in a course of accelerated by local weather change, researchers say.

The Montreal Protocol banned the usage of CFCs worldwide in 1987, after researchers found that CFCs had broken the ozone layer that protects life on Earth from dangerous ultraviolet radiation. And the Montreal Protocol has largely labored — CFC ranges within the environment have dropped sharply in current a long time, and the ozone layer has begun to restore itself, as Dwell Science reported. However all these CFCs already launched into the environment needed to go someplace. And for a lot of of these molecules, that someplace was the world’s oceans. 

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