Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry dazzled at the 2021 Met Gala, leaving fans in complete awe of their fashion sensibility. This was the debut of the NBA’s power couple at the event. The Met Gala is one of America’s top cultural events, with celebrities from across the globe coming to New York for the dazzling showcase.

With the theme for this year’s Met Gala being “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion”, the Curry’s arrived in shimmery outfits, setting the red carpet on fire. Stephen Curry wore a navy blue blazer, featuring an intricate jewelry design, for the occasion. The blazer also had his jersey number 30 on one of the sleeves. Ayesha Curry matched up with her husband in a diamond embellished dress with bling jewelry to go with it.

Another NBA superstar who was in attendance at the 2021 Met Gala was fashion icon, Russell Westbrook. The new LA Lakers member followed the theme of the Met Gala to the tee by arriving at the event with star-spangled hair.

Westbrook, who was a guest of Ralph Lauren for the event, also took his fans through the routine of getting styled and ready for the gala by talking about the process. Westbrook dyed his hair blue to go with the color of his suit because had an idea.

“When I showed up for the fitting, my hair was like a copper-brown color,” Westbrook said. “And then I saw the suit, I was like, hmm, I have an idea. So, when I saw the blue, I was like, I can do a blue suit. I can have this blue theme, blue being my favorite color. Do the blue hair, make sure the hair kinda matches close enough with the suit and I’m gonna go with that.”

Stephen Curry has been enjoying the NBA’s offseason

Stephen Curry has been quite busy since his Golden State Warriors didn’t make it to the 2021 NBA postseason. The 2020-21 scoring champion has been involved in a host of activities, whether it be announcing new charitable endeavors or just by keeping himself busy on the golf course.

A few days ago, Stephen Curry posted a video of three-time Augusta Masters winner Phil Mickelson driving the golf ball through his legs. Curry did not flinch as Mickelson pulled off his famous ‘flop shot’ a foot away from him.

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