Retro Jerseys India: The Indian cricket team jerseys have always been in news regarding its color, and the brands associations. The fans look on the different internet sources to grab them as soon as its available on the internet, such is the craze of cricket in India and the players are truly the most astounding personalities. People have often compared the present jerseys with the retro jerseys of the Indian team, and its often a matter of debate in the social media. So, today let’s check out the Retro jerseys worn by the Indian cricket players from the past to present.

India Retro Jersey

It all started with the Australian team sporting a colored jersey in white-ball cricket in the early 80’s. At the Benson Hedges World Cup 1985, India wore a light blue-colored jersey with a patch of yellow and did not have any sponsors and names on their jersey. In the finals, they beat Pakistan.

1991 Series vs Australia

This jersey was donned by the Indian team in the 1991 series against Australia, and it was the first time that the country’s name and names of the players were on the front and back of the jersey respectively.

1992 World Cup

One of the favourite jerseys of the Indian cricket fans, was the 1992 World Cup due to the multi-colored theme.  It was also the first World Cup, where every team featured with the colored jerseys. This jersey was even worn by the Indian team in the 2020 series against Australia.

1994 Singer Series

The Singer Series featured India, Australia, and Sri Lanka. The Sachin’s first ODI century came in this series against Australia and this will be one of the iconic matches for Sachin Fans.

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1996 World Cup

In the 1996 World Cup, the Indian team featured in their older colored jersey of light blue with yellow strips. The team went on to play semi-finals before losing to Sri Lanka.

1998 Sharjah Cup

It was a historic series for the Indian team where they shocked the Australian team by winning the finals on the back of terrific knock from Sachin Tendulkar. This jersey was sponsored by Wills and Coca-Cola who were the title sponsors of the series.

1999 World Cup

Another iconic jersey which is loved by the cricket fans, had BCCI logo printed on the middle for the first time. In this World Cup, Sourav Ganguly hit his highest ODI score of 183 against Sri Lanka.

2002 Natwest Trophy

Who can forget the partnership of Yuvraj-Kaif in the 2002 Natwest Trophy Final which helped the Indian team to instill confidence to win matches at any circumstances. Sahara was the sponsor of the Indian team.

2003 World Cup

This time Indian team could not display their sponsor, Sahara due to issues with other sponsors. This World Cup was one of the highest points of India’s best ever team in the ODI, where they emerged as the runner-up.

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2007 World Cup

India had a plain light blue jersey with some Indian flag colours on the left, where they lifted their first T20 World Cup.

2009 T20 World Cup

Just the texture of the colour moving from the lighter shade to a darker, the appearance of the t-shirt remained alike.

2011 World Cup

The shade of blue was dark and is itched in everyone’s memory now, as India won the ODI World Cup after 28 years. This jersey has been the most popular.

2012 T20 World Cup

This was the jersey used by the Indian team in the T20 World Cup 2012. But was soon scrapped after Team India’s bad performance in the ICC event.

2013 Champions Trophy

A very decent jersey with flags of the tricolour on the right and the left, with orange mix in the collar. India won the Champions Trophy this year, which was the final version of the tournament.

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2014 T20 World Cup

The sponsor changed from Sahara to Star and this jersey was not really the fans favourite.

2015 World Cup

India had a very good jersey made back in for 2015 World Cup. It was all blue with orange outlines.

2016 T20 World Cup

The evolution of jersey changed from a round collar jersey to a chinese collar. This was a different and good looking jersey.

2019 World Cup

Oppo became the sponsor of the Indian team. All blue jersey with a tint of orange lines on both the sides.


The ed-tech company Byju’s is now the principal sponsor of the Indian team. This jersey was liked by fans and certainly added novelty and the fresh energy the young Indian players.

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