Helmut Marko states Max Verstappen will not turn to “revenge or various other bullshit” versus Lewis Hamilton, yet Red Bull might still obtain their attorneys included.

Stress in between the 2021 title lead characters got to high temperature pitch at the British Grand Prix as Verstappen as well as Hamilton fought for the lead on the opening lap.

Heading right into Copse, Hamilton attempted to pass the Red Bull up the within just to reach Verstappen’s back wheel, sending him speeding right into the obstacles

The 23- year-old the good news is left the 51 G accident with absolutely nothing greater than an aching neck as well as contusions, nevertheless, his lead in the champion race was likewise wounded, lowered to 8 factors as Hamilton took the Silverstone win.

Marko has undeviating idea in his chauffeur’s capability to eliminate back.

” Max will certainly do every little thing in his power to win the Globe Champion,” he informed Marca

However that “every little thing” will not consist of anything villainous

” Definitely we will certainly not go for vengeance or various other bullshit,” included the Austrian. “We will not stoop to that degree.”

What Red Bull might still do, however, is obtain an attorney included.

Red Bull product is readily available to buy currently by means of the main Formula 1 shop

According to Austria’s Kronen Zeitung, Red Bull have actually transformed the issue over to an attorney.

” He ought to inspect what one can perform in such a circumstance within the structure of the sporting activities regulation,” Marko informed the magazine.

” Please, with this strategy, specifically with the repercussions. It was really fortunate that absolutely nothing major occurred to Max. The automobile, as well as most likely the engine as well, is damaged. You can not allow that rest.

” A suspension would certainly be warranted.”

The Red Bull consultant has actually likewise asked for Formula 1’s fine system to be evaluated, claiming Hamilton’s 10- 2nd fine was as well tolerant.

” That’s ludicrous,” he stated of Hamilton’s time fine, “yet possibly the guidelines are likewise responsible for being fairly limited.

” The regulation ought to be modified, consisting of the guardians system.

“[Sergio] Perez obtained 5 secs two times in Austria since there was low call without any individual flying off.

” They can have provided a drive-through fine plus 10 secs to Hamilton. However they really did not do that either.

” You can not strike your challenger on the back wheel in among the fastest edges, the lightest touch has deadly repercussions. So a reckless activity.

” Hamilton requires to understand what the repercussions are.”

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