April 18, 2024
Sonali a Coach Impactful Energy Healer Mentor Change Enabler

Ascension is well-known in the Therapy and Healing industry. Sonali Bhasin Kumar have been three decades of experience in this industry. Ascension has been in business as an Therapy Workshop and Healing Program in India since 2020. Over 200+ satisfied customers in India are connected with Ascension. As part of its mission, Ascension hopes to raise global awareness about healing and therapy programs.

To achieve its goal, Sonali Bhasin Kumar mantra is patience and consistency. They encourage everyone to raise awareness about the importance of Meditation in everyone’s lives. India’s Meditative community has numerous advantages.

Services of Ascension:-

1.Distance Healing Using Theta Modality:-

Vianna Stibal introduced Theta Healing to the world, using a combination of belief-altering exercises and meditations to send healings to all animate and inanimate beings and forces all around us. Sonali has used this modality to help a large number of her clients with physical comorbidities, career blocks, relationship issues, and mental health issues recover completely and lead happier lives without even seeing them in person.

As a result, distance healing has been one of Ascension’s most successful programmes, as evidenced by the testimonies of many of Sonali’s Ascenders.

2. Angel Card Reading Sessions:-

Angel Card Readings are one of the most concise and razor-sharp techniques for solving long-standing problems.

Angel Card reading, like Tarot Card reading, works on the principle of the client asking questions, which are then answered by Sonali as a channel for the Angels via the cards she chooses.

Using this technique, our clients have not only found perspective, but also real-time, specific solutions to their problems.

3. Personal Counselling Sessions:-

Other than being a Spiritual Healer, Sonali is also a Life Coach, who has worked with 100+ Clients as a Personal Counsellor, and as a friend, philosopher and guide, helped them change their lives around.

What distinguishes her work from the crowd, is her ability to not reduce her clients to their problems, but to hear them and with her empathy and knowledge, enable them to find solutions for themselves to create long-term sustainable change.

Programs by Ancension:-

1. Ancestral Healing Workshop:-

Ancestral Healing, or healing our intergenerational trauma, is the belief that we are more than just the blood and bones of our parents and cultures, but that we carry our ancestors’ memories, traumas, pain, and gifts through Family Karma.

Popular culture tells us that we are self-sufficient beings, free in every way, but in reality, we all face difficulties in our lives as a result of Ancestral Blocks and Family Karma.

It is, however, possible to get into a process to bring cleaning, healing, and empowerment through repair work with our ancestral lineages.
In Ascension’s most ambitious program thus far, join Sonali in not only connecting you to your ancestors but in clearing Pitrudosh and other Ancestral Blocks to bring peace in your lives and for your ancestors.

2. Guided Meditations:-

Meditation allows you to go within and improve your relationships with your mental, spiritual, and physical bodies. Sonali’s meditations at Ascension allow introspective work to access greater consciousness by releasing negative beliefs and, in turn, integrating holistic beliefs into one fold.
She has created a library of guided meditations that push everyone to their Ascension by balancing Chakric Fields, Prosperity Consciousness, Integrating the Power of Peace in Relationships, Karmic Dispensation, and Ancestral Healing.

3. Angel Therapy workshops:-

Our planet is ruled by a slew of Angels, Spirit Guides, and other Ascended Beings who assist us in transmuting negativity, dispensing negative karma, and operating from unconditional love and light.

The Archangels are one such group of Angels, whose existence can be traced back to Abrahamic religions, particularly in Central Asia and Western Europe. Surprisingly, both the Bible and the Qur’an mention these angels.

Ascension consistently strives to spread their message of Tranquility and Unity across the globe through simple rituals such as hosting angels, creating altars to honour them, and meditations to invoke them to beautify one’s life.

To book Any Program and Therapy, please contact on +9189290 61557 or https://ascension.ind.in/contact-us/

Entrepreneur Journey:-

My journey as a spiritual healer began about three decades ago. I was always drawn to spirituality as a child, and I remember teaching myself the Mahamrityunjay mantra on my own at the age of eight, when no one else in my house knew what it was. However, my true journey began at the age of 19 when I participated in my first transformational programme, “The Landmark Forum,” which taught me the art of non-judgment and holding grievances.

Reading the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” was another watershed moment in my life that led me to my master, Paramhans Yogananda. His presence and guidance helped me realise what my true calling was, so I studied other modalities such as heal your life, as taught by world-renowned lecturer and teacher Louis Hay, Sujok for pain relief, Angel therapy, Switchwords, and Angel card reading. I am an advanced theta healer and a firm believer in the creator’s powers over all that exists.

I believe that we are all born healers and are intuitive, the power lies dormant inside all of us its one own block that stop us from reaching one highest potential.

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