April 16, 2024

B12 deficiency can affect mood, leading to symptoms such as depression, anxiety, irritability

B12 is involved in the maintenance of the nervous system. It helps in the formation of myelin, a protective sheath around nerves that facilitates nerve transmission. B12 deficiency can lead to nerve damage and neurological symptoms.

Vitamin B12 is necessary for the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow. Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body, and a deficiency in B12 can lead to anaemia. Vitamin B12 deficiency can manifest in various unusual signs and symptoms, often because the vitamin is involved in many bodily functions. Read on as we discuss some of the unusual signs of vitamin B12 deficiency.

Here are 10 unusual signs of vitamin B12 deficiency:

1. Tingling or numbness

Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause nerve damage, leading to sensations of tingling, numbness, or pins and needles in the hands, feet, or other parts of the body.

2. Memory problems

B12 deficiency can affect cognitive function and memory. People may experience forgetfulness, confusion, difficulty concentrating, or brain fog.

3. Vision changes

Vision disturbances, such as blurred or double vision, can occur due to nerve damage caused by B12 deficiency.

4. Fatigue and weakness

Vitamin B12 plays a role in energy production, and deficiency can lead to feelings of fatigue, weakness, or general malaise.

5. Pale or jaundiced skin

In severe cases of B12 deficiency, a person may develop pale or jaundiced (yellowish) skin due to the breakdown of red blood cells and resulting anaemia.

6. Mood changes

B12 deficiency can affect mood, leading to symptoms such as depression, anxiety, irritability, or mood swings.

7. Glossitis

Glossitis is the inflammation of the tongue, which can result in a swollen, red, or sore tongue. This condition can occur due to B12 deficiency affecting the nervous system and blood cells.

8. Balance and coordination issues

Nerve damage caused by B12 deficiency can lead to problems with balance, coordination, and walking, resembling symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

9. Heart palpitations

Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause heart palpitations or irregular heartbeats due to its role in maintaining healthy red blood cells and cardiovascular function.

10. Muscle weakness or spasms

In severe cases, B12 deficiency can lead to muscle weakness, cramps, or spasms due to impaired nerve function and decreased oxygen delivery to muscles.

Identifying these signs of vitamin B12 deficiency typically involves a combination of medical history, physical examination, and laboratory tests. If you suspect you have a B12 deficiency, consult your healthcare provider for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Treatment for vitamin B12 deficiency usually involves B12 supplementation through oral supplements, intramuscular injections, or nasal sprays. Additionally, increasing intake of foods rich in vitamin B12, such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, and fortified foods, can help improve B12 levels.

In some cases, dietary changes or addressing underlying conditions affecting B12 absorption may also be necessary for better health. Regular monitoring of B12 levels and adherence to treatment recommendations are essential for managing and preventing deficiency-related symptoms.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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