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Once in a school, Girls began to leave kissing spots on the glass of the restroom. The janitor was annoyed by this since he needed to clean them and it was hard for him to clean that.

Janitor requested young ladies to stop doing that and left a notification on restroom walls asking that young girls stop leave lipstick spots on mirrors however no benefit, he needed to wipe away kisses from the glass repeatedly.

Janitor went to Headmaster and enlightened him concerning a constant issue in the young girls’ restroom.

Next time, the announcement was compelled by the Principle for young girls about this but the upcoming day parcel more kisses would be planted on the glass. It has become slightly of a game.

Seeing those young girls would not understand this simple way. Superintendent thought about an innovative method to tackle this issue.

The following day, Few young girls representatives from each class were approached to meet with the headmaster at the restroom.

When everybody came. Headmaster said, “Thank you for coming. All of you can see that there are a few lipstick kisses in the glasses of bathroom.”

A few young ladies smiled at one another.

At that point, Headmaster said, “As all of you comprehend that lipsticks are intended to remain on lips for long and that is the reason lipsticks are difficult at all to clean from mirrors.

We have in this manner built up a unique cleaning system. We might want you to see this and my expectation is that when you see exertion involve you will help spread the word so each one of the individuals who are answerable for kisses uses tissue paper instead of glasses.”

After this janitor stepped forward with a wipe cleaner with a handle, which he took into one of the restroom cubibles and dip into restroom pots, and afterward utilized that wipe to clean one of the lipstick-covered glasses.

Janitor grinned. Young ladies withdrew and after this, there was no more lipstick kissed on the mirror.

By Hazel

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