After years of hard work toward his entrepreneurial journey, Ankush Kakkar opened Treeoise Resort in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, which was his dream come true.

Lemon Tree and Sarovar Portico now compete with the resort.

A young Ankush Kakkar (now 38) took over his father’s woollen shawl business in Ludhiana as the family’s income was not steady enough to hire additional help.

Ankush recalls the hard times his family faced, when he had to finish his studies while also helping his family to run the business. He was always at his father’s shop right after school, supplying products to his customers and continued doing that for two consecutive years.

To stabilize the business’ financial state, he realized he needed to do something. As the father-son team, the two decided to open a dhaba near Ludhiana’s bus stand in 2000 after three years.

Ankush learned the skills for running the business during Class XII.

The land we got from the government was perfect to run a small dhaba where we could feed the bus and truck drivers. He recalls that after that purchase, within two to three years, another property was purchased and a hotel of 20 rooms was built.

Things continued to happen, and in 2006 Ankush bought another hotel in Ludhiana with his father.

Tempted to build the resort of his dreams, Ankush built a 33,000 square meter resort in 2020 Treeoise in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.

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The establishment of Treeoise

As an entrepreneur, Ankush has come a long way since he ran a dhaba at the bus stand to building a luxury resort. He studied astrology informally about a few years ago and is a well-known astrologer in the city.

His savings and income generated from his hotel business in Ludhiana were used to invest around three crores in the resort.

In addition to the 20 rooms, the resort offers four banquet halls, four cottages, a restaurant, a resto-bar, cafe, gym, play zone, and outdoor seating.

Ankush says Treeoise operates among competitors such as Lemon Tree and Sarovar Portico, which are located in Baddi’s healthcare industrial area..

Road ahead

The resort’s proprietor, Ankush, says that he hopes to expand the resort in the future and plans to open a spa there soon and a swimming pool by the first half of next year.

He is also planning to open a shawl factory by next year to grow the business his father is running out of a small shop in one of Ludhiana’s busy laneways.

“The Best Way To Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing.” – Walt Disney

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