There are 85,000 – 90,000 MBBS seats in India, which includes both Government & Private colleges.

Annually, 15 – 16 Lakh Candidates appear for NEET inclusive of the previous year(s) candidates who have taken additional preparation time. Due to various Categories and criteria, it makes it hard for students to acquire seats. 

For Students who want to pursue MBBS at an affordable price and great quality education, Studying is Abroad is perfect for Them.

Thousands of students have chosen this path and are happy and successful. It is preferable over dissolving into the chaotic competitive environment and not being able to achieve desired results. Studying abroad provides an opportunity for more exposure in the most prestigious institutes, all at a reasonable fee. 

Education Hub LLP can make this possible for you. Education Hub is a highly rated overseas MBBS consultant in India. They are authorised, representatives of the following various universities abroad. Available for your support round the clock, to help you with the admission process in the best universities. 

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy Kazakhstan.   Register Here

Poltava State medical university Ukraine.               Register Here

Voronezh State Medical University Russia.             Register Here

Lviv National Medical University Ukraine.               Register Here

Any universities that you have chosen.                  Apply Now

Why Education Hub LLP?

Introduction: A meeting will be arranged with officials of the desired university.

Registration: Our representatives will aid in all required registrations.

Application: After confirmation from you, we proceed to complete the application process.

Expert Advice: We lay out the best options as per your criteria, choices and scores.

Admission: Conclude procedure by assembling and making arrangements for all necessary documents.

Visa: We aid in systemic visa application and utility concerning Embassy guidelines. 

Flight: Provide service to aid flying more economically.

Arrival: We make necessary arrangements for pick up and travel from the airport to the hostel.

Accommodation: Book your stay at a university or private hostel as per convenience

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